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Tangible Finish Line

Tangible Finish line

Every once in awhile it’s good to take a break... #nobrainer right? Well maybe for you but I’ve been terrified. Terrified that stepping away would kill the drive in me I’ve carried for the last couple of years.

Afraid to pause. You know, like when you have been going so hard for so long. Running. If I stop to take a breath, will I run again?

I’ve never run this far this for this long. Just a little further, just a little more. You see I’ve never been a goal oriented runner before. I might have run or had a good idea of where I wanted to go but I was never truly attached to the outcome. If I got there it always felt a bit miraculous and the path to get there a bit haphazard.

Then a shocking realization the other day that I work for myself And no one but me is going to tell me to stop or to go for that matter.

This boss is tough... I KNOW her! She’s capable of so much and capable of not doing anything! I’ve seen her take time outs for months in the past and she can’t afford it right now. Not now. Not yet.

An unintentional step back in the last couple of weeks has catapulted me into assessment.

Have I been busy with the wrong things? Is my activity where I want my focus? Has my head been down for far too long?

I’m telling you running hard is one thing, but running with a vision in your head and a blind fold on can be disastrous.

Take a step back. Assess. Right path ? Good pace? Proper shoes? Check points? Tangible finish line?

I promised God this year with my whole heart I’d seek him first. Dave and I recommitted to this truth last week. If we seek him first the rest will come. The REST will come. There it is in bold letters. Take a break. Step away. Then come back strong.

There is work to do, lives to change, examples to set. There is that elusive goal of “time freedom”. A nice goal but Perhaps not my purpose. Perhaps not what I thought it was.

I’m sure at least a few other networker marketers know what I’m talking about? Entrepreneurs? Writers? Dreamers? Are you with me? Do you feel the pressure to run until you get there? The elusive “there”? Are you scared to take a breath, a break? Lose the momentum you’ve finally created or desire to create? Or perhaps you never really started running? Maybe you just talk about it, maybe you ve been walking, watching the others zip by, willing yourself to pick up the pace. Do you need a break or need to run harder?

You know who you are. Where you are. You know what you need to do. Pick up the pace? Take a Step back?

Not a set back a step back. Observe, look ahead, continue to pray daily, affirm, refocus, make plans.

Then run again. Or start running. Set up some check points and run. Make sure you know what the finish line looks like and that you are on the path to get there. Then run.

It’s your life and the cool thing is, you know the boss... really well, really really well. So tell the boss what you need to tell the boss. I can guarantee you this is a boss you can’t fire. This boss won’t let you quit. This boss will be with you at every check point, every step, every goal, every loss, every win and every tangible finish line. So tell the boss what you need to tell the boss, chances are you ll find full agreement then go from there.

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