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Where there's a WHY there's a WAY

Where there’s a WHY there’s a way!

When there is something you want so bad but year after year you don’t achieve it.

For example - weight loss, 🏋🏻‍♂️ bigger monthly Cheques, multiple streams of income, 💰 time with family, a vacation, taking your business to the next level, 🏅 forgiving someone, something off your bucket list, better health ...

Look for your WHY! The deep why, the true why, then run at it like your life depends on it.

The old adage where there’s a WILL there’s a way is true but it’s also NOT true!! I know lots of people who have the will to quit a habit, shed some pounds, make extra money, rank adavance in their company..., I personally had the will to lose 25 pounds but for 5 years couldn’t drop the weight no matter what ( or so I told myself.) everyone told me I was in my 40s, it was my hormones, it was my metabolism, it was impossible… Then I discovered my WHY and a whole new world opened up. I got committed, got an accountability partner, ( thank you Steve Schulz ) started a program and started doing the things that would help me shed the pounds! 🥦🥑 🏃‍♀️

When I first started my work from home job with the goal of time freedom and residual income( money that comes in every month whether you work or not) people told me it was impossible. When I quit my “real job” and dived in, It was terrifying but someone I barely knew at the time told me my WHY power was stronger than my will power and I believed her!!

Many 9-5ers thought my husband Dave Potter and I were crazy but We found a tribe and I’m talking 100s of 1000s of people who have the same dream. Adults remembering to dream like children!!! Adults remembering their childhood dreams and working towards making those dreams a reality. People believing like us!

We’re still climbing the ⛰ mountain don’t get me wrong. But with faith, God, grit and heart We’re going to the top! And to steal from Eric Worre’s speech of his youth; “I’m going to the top! You are either going to find me dead on the side or waving from the top but I’m not going back!”

One step at a time. There have been storms, ⛈ weird ledges and precipices, we’ve lost more than one climbing partner. We’ve inspired others to climb with us and some to believe in themselves in a new way. We have discovered new God given gifts in ourselves and in many ways are transformed as only one can be from a 3 year long journey on a mountainside. 🧗‍♀️ We have met many other climbers already forging a path and we are proud to take steps with them.

No matter the goal, no matter the dream, the one thing getting more and more clear is that time is precious, we don’t know our end date but we all have one. If you’ve been holding back, ✋ stop then move forward. Dust yourself off, give yourself a pep talk and take another step. 🏃 You’ve got this and believe it or not there are a whole bunch of people cheering for you and believing in you.

Where there’s a WHY there’s a way, so we ‘ll see you at the top and if you get there first please keep the fire 🔥 burning and save us a seat we’re coming!

*PS if you were wondering I lost the 25 pounds in 3 months. Your WHY will help you find the how!

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