Have you ever shared your dream with someone just to have them squash your excitement in a second? They say "you won't get it" " that doesn't happen for most people" "That's just a pipe dream" OR they take you down when you share your opportunity... "they have ZERO interest in pursuing that dream with you?"

What happens next is crucial - Did you recover? Do you recover? Do you get back up like a puppy looking for that next treat or do you stay down, shrug your shoulders and agree with them. Wonder "what was I thinking?"

Did you ever notice that there are a few different categories when it comes to the subject of dreamers? Big dreamers, small dreamers, starry eyed dreamers. You have your dream squashers, determined to point out the negative of any dream which comes within three feet of them. They might tell you they are being realistic but it feels a bit like they are just being mean? Then you have your "action" dreamers who are running non stop towards their dreams inspiring something deep within you to run too... Other dreamers are sleeping in, imagining but not taking action, then you have the no more dreamers, the dreams on holders,

the what I have is good enoughers, my dream is not importanters. The its too late to dream, dreamers,the it's never too late to dream dreamers...

Every heard that saying "whether you think you can or you think you can't you are right?" Does this annoy you or excite you? hmmmmmmmmm

I say RUN. RUN non stop. Join the runners. GO in the direction of your dreams! DREAM BIG. WHY NOT? What's something you can't imagine happening for you, to you, to your family? What's something you have been imagining and want to make true?

Mortgage paid off this year? dream it

One month vacation in dreamy place? dream it

Career that makes you want to jump out of bed? dream it

7 figure yearly income. dream it

The car you've always loved. dream it

Class you've always wanted to take? Fitness goal? Speaker you've wanted to see live?

Country you've wanted to visit?

Dream it!

I know you've heard it before, but this is the ONE life we have been given. That's it. It's all she wrote. Are you going to live a life full of excitement, courage, big dreams and incredible experiences and achievements or are you gonna listen to the dream squashers, or worse be a dream squasher?

Squash the squashers with your enthusiasm and go get it.

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