• Jennie Potter

Are you SHOULDING me?

Language is a powerful thing and how we use it decides our future on a daily basis!

At this point unless you have made no contact with the outside world in some years you have heard of the power of positive thinking and positive word. In fact though some people believe this to be a newish trend the power of the word goes right back to biblical time and is taught in the bible.

Today I’m going to mention one powerful little trick that was very impactful for me when I first learnt it. I’ve taught my family the same rule and we all call each other out on it when we slip up. This word is tricky and sneaks into everyday language and self talk!


Are you shoulding me?

If you are like most people, this word inherently comes with a level of guilt and weight and a not so nice little nagging feeling. Examples?

I should work harder

I should have had dinner organized but I was so busy today

I should be better at this

I should exercise today

I should drink more water…

And let’s not even get into the YOU SHOULDS!

Sound familiar? I’m sure you can insert your own SHOULDS in here, BUT DON’T!

Check this out. There is an antidote to SHOULD! And you could use it all day long!

I could work harder

I could have had dinner organized but I was so busy today

I could be better at this

I could exercise today

I could drink more water…

You could start replacing your shoulds with coulds and and feel the difference. Should is filled with guilt and weight, whereas could is filled with possibility and potential!

You could really do this!!

Jennie and Dave Potter are Executives with Send Out Cards earning Senior Manager of the year last October, and were nominated for 2016 Distributors of the Year. They work from home and own an award winning business on Vancouver Island, in BC, Canada. Parents of two beautiful teens with hearts for adventure, this God-loving couple is passionate about changing the world with kindness and gratitude and helping others do the same.

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