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4 Personality types...what type are you?

I heard this saying a while back about being a crab in a bucket. It was regarding friendship and being aware of who you spend the most time with. Sometimes friendships can be like that. You are all in the bucket together. Then one day you figure out a way to leave the bucket and hit the deep blue. You are torn. You have grown and are excited to explore but what about your friends in the bucket? Well, when you reach out to some they may just pull you down back into the bucket, while others will take the “claw” and check out the view with you.

I have been very blessed to have some friends who have all left the bucket with me.

In fact, this weekend I am connecting with my 3 best friends from elementary school. We are all very different and have each taken different roads. From spontaneous to planned, married, unmarried, kids, step kids, no kids, one career for 15 years, 15 careers in 15 years. We are all unique and different and oddly the same. Travel, laughter, and a good old growing up together with 80’s outfits, leg warmers, Madonna, choir, terrible school plays, study nights, fake ids, our bond of memories and love for each other has taken us thus far. I’m so proud of them, of our long lasting friendship and how we all bring something unique to the table. I was thinking about our upcoming yearly get together when I came across a cool description of personality types which I immediately loved. It was an inspirational talk on growing one’s business and appealing to all the different personalities when sharing product and opportunity.

What I learned the other day about the 4 personality types (there are actually 16 but we’ll just touch on the core 4) which are important to know when In sales, business and really for everyday dealings with other humans was impactful. Learning what motivates people into action is a great thing to know for everyday life. I thought I would share as its always fun to self diagnosis a little and figure out which friend is which and of course apply it to business if it will help you grow!

So here is a summary to look over for everyday life OR business!

We have the Urchin, the Whale, the Shark & the Dolphin

The Urchin

The key motivating factor with this group is safety and security and expanding freedom, these are planners who they like to be prepared.

Logical, high moral standards, self motivated, independent and detail orientated. Complicated difficult to get to know deeply on a personal basis, investigative, introverted. Deeper relationships can be difficult for this type.

The Whale

Main Motivator, making a difference, being an agent of change “saving the world”

Helpful, compassionate, love to give love to other people and be joyful in that way, great caretakers and love to volunteer for everything, they do what it takes to get the job done, they have a real concern for the well being of others and they typically put the needs of others before their own. Social and nurturing, outgoing, extraverted. They make great friends.

The Shark

Motivated by results, driven by status, recognition, wealth and success. Positive or negative dependant on person. Big picture approaches to life, desires attention and gets things done, a bit aggressive and misunderstood because they can be blunt, enjoy attention and are self motivators, typically they come off as if they have a big ego, (often they do have big egos) they dress well and usually have nice cars, houses, and are status driven. Can sometimes end up as workaholics.

The Dolphin

Motivation for this personality type is fun! Spontaneous, recreational activities, they tend to be the center of the party, not organized, late, loved socially, outgoing, love attention, high energy people. Sometimes they come off as lazy, because they can be lazy, least motivated of all the personality groups, financial problems, least prepared of the four, they enjoy life and the physical pleasures life gives.

It is good to note here usually we are driven by one main personality type but often there is a second and third, sometimes a balance between two.

I like that idea. I like to think that I have a little bit of each of my friends in me, guiding me on my way, as I leave the bucket and hit the open ocean this little crab/dolphin/whale/urchin/shark is excited to explore new depths.

See you out there!

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