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Good or Bad you ARE Consistent

Good OR Bad – you ARE consistent

(5 steps towards consistency)

About 10 years ago I had a good friend whom I used to meet with on a weekly basis. We would go over our goals for the week as we were both trying to get our new businesses off the ground. We created categories together and each week we would rate from a scale of 1-10 how happy we were in each category and what little thing (or big ) we could do to raise our level of happiness in each category. Every week we would meet and it would be the same. She would have achieved all of her business goals but had put almost no time into self care, slow down, spiritual connection categories, while I was doing AWESOME in the self care, bubble bath, mediation categories but never seemed to achieve my “harder” businessy goals. We would laugh and try and come up with ways for me to business up and her too chill out. I was always looking for a way to find ease with my goals and would often approach them with no rhyme or reason.

As the years have passed I have learned a powerful tool which has helped me reach new heights in all categories of my life, particularly in business. It’s a simple tool. Its not a secret and its powerful beyond measure. Oh ya, and ANYONE CAN DO IT. In fact good or bad, you are already doing it.

What is it?


Ever struggled with consistency? That elusive ability to set a daily habit and stick to it on

a regular basis?

Maybe it will help to know that you are in fact a ROCK STAR at consistency. There are things you are consistent about daily, weekly, monthly whether you are conscious about it or not!

The fact about consistency is; we are all amazing at it and with it we are creating the life we are living. The simple fact is this. Consistency is slowly but surely carving out the path our lives are taking, and it is in the small daily habits which are doing the carving and the heavy lifting.

We see this in nature all around us everyday…

A deer path in the forest, the fine grains of sand which make up the beach, the valleys, the mountains, the islands… all formed with consistency over time.

It is not an occasional drop of water that creates valleys and changes stone, turns stone into grains of sand and forms islands, it is the consistent action over time which turns minute changes into magnificent valleys.

A more concrete and applicable example;

You want to learn to play the piano, you are in your 40’s you take some lessons and consistently play the piano for the next 20 years just half an hour to an hour a day.

You want to learn to play the piano. You take some lessons. You consistently put off practicing.

You want to learn to play the piano. You consistently think each week you will look into lessons soon…

Consistency is at play in all the above examples. The conscious application of consistency in example one towards achieving a goal is a powerful predictor to achieving end desire! All three examples are powerful predictors of end results. Consistency does not lie.

I picked an overly obvious example but isn’t it true that consistency is happening daily whether we think about it or not?

Here are some simple steps to creating conscious consistency.

Step one

Be conscious about your desired outcome! This is key. Seriously. There are many people out there just living their lives day to day with no idea of what they want for their futures. Thats okay. We were not programmed to set goals and vision boards, many of us were never told we can have anything we work towards. But the fact remains, our future is here every moment, our lives are moving in a direction one way or another.

If you are clear on your goals already, AWESOME, you are halfway there. Use the list below as a check in.

If you are NOT clear on what you want create for your life and future, an easy way to start is to create a list of categories that are important to you (example below) rate your happiness from a scale to 1-10 in each area, then write down one or two things/ideas that would increase happiness in these areas.

  1. Physical health

  2. Career/Business

  3. Home

  4. Dreams

  5. Travel

  6. Spiritual

  7. Family

  8. Relationship

  9. Long term vision

  10. Finances

Step two

Now write out what your life looks like in 5 years in all these categories! Feel free to dream big here. Write the statement as if it has already come to pass.

I AM living…. I AM earning, I AM ….

Step Three

Consistency Activities

What are some activities you could do on an consistent basis to achieve your goals?

Example; Physical Health 6 (10 being perfection)

Goal? Have more energy, lose extra weight which is bugging me.

  1. 3o minutes of exercise daily before day starts

  2. drink at least 8 glasses of water per day

  3. cut out sugar

Example; Business 7

Goal? Double monthly income, promote to next rank

  1. Add people to network to grow business/increase sales

a. add two new people to social media network daily

b. join a professional networking group

  1. business presentations 3-5 times per day

Do this for each category. It is nice to have an overview of what you want, and idea of how to get what you want. What are you happy with and what could use some tweaking?

Step Four

Now apply consistency to one or more of these categories for the next 90 days. The good news is that you have already taken a step towards your desired outcomes! Just writing down your goals is significant in achieving them.

Now some things to help you stay on track with consistency!

Accountability partner - Find a friend who wants to do this with you. Commit tot each other, discuss your goals. Discuss the power of consistency. Set up an accountability schedule. Text each other or call each other each day. Let them know you did your daily/weekly goal. Discuss what it looks like if either of you gets off track.

Tell people! Announce your goals on social media, create a group on Facebook! Create a Pinterest board! Get excited! Get creative. You KNOW what motivates you. (If you don’t, that’s another blog coming soon)

Read your 5 year I AM statement every night before bed. Review what daily goals you will need to do the next day. Give yourself a pat on the back for achieving your daily goals today.

Step Five

Pick a date three months from now. Write it on your calendar to re evaluate your categories. Is your 5 year statement still the same, any shifts? Rate your happiness in each category. Notice the changes. Write out your 5 year I AM again. Celebrate the wins, tweak your daily consistency activities and keep going! 90 more days.

Be the constant stream of activity and create the change you want to see in your life!

consistently yours.


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