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Saying yes is sometimes all it takes to change the entire trajectory of one’s life. I was remembering a YES I said the other day that did just that.

I had said YES to an opportunity (an entirely different YES and an equally profound one for a different story) and was working hard at sharing the opportunity when a colleague of mine asked me if she could interview me on a webinar to share a little of my story. I said YES.

I said YES even though I thought I might puke on the spot. I said YES even though I thought no one would want to know my story. The thought of going on a webinar, something I had just learned about logging on to, let alone speaking on was terrifying, but here it was. An opportunity TOTALLY out of my comfort zone which I KNEW would help me grow and I said YES. I did okay on the day. I didn’t puke, I didn’t do amazing but it was not an epic fail either. It was just another Tuesday night webinar for everyone else but for me it had been a massive win. I faced my fear and won. I DID IT.

Because I shared my story and had said YES on the webinar, another colleague asked me the day before a large event for our company if I would share my story in front of the audience. I said YES. ACK. What have I done? The request came through on facebook messenger and I said YES before I even had a chance to say NO. If I thought I wanted to puke before, well that was nothing! This was terrifying. 200 people looking at me to share. I thought I might die. The next day we arrived at the event, shaky knees I sat in the audience. I couldn’t hear any of the presentation. Only the heart beat in my ears, and the dizzying knowledge that I was heading up there to share my story. When it came time for my introduction the host being amazing at edification introduced me as if I was ACTUALLY A ROCK STAR! Halfway through the beginning of her intro I relaxed because I knew I wasn’t going up there yet, there was no way she was talking about me, then she said my name...... ACK! I literally felt like I had just been asked to come up on the PRICE IS RIGHT.

Jennie Potter COME ON DOWN!

I got up there and I did it. It was okay. I didn’t die, I got through it. I told everyone I was nervous, I was shaking badly, it was probably slightly endearing and distracting but I got through it. Another win. I DID IT.

The thing about saying YES is eventually you get better. The thing about saying YES is people learn you are willing to jump in and you get more opportunities to say YES. Looking back, that YES to the 5 minutes on the webinar, lead to 5 minutes on stage, lead to another webinar, led to another stage opp. It lead to being asked to help out with a training webinar as a stand in, then a regular co host position, then a shared weekly business opportunity webinar for some international team. That weekly opp improved my speaking, my presentations and helped me to step into a role of doing the main presentation and asking my team members and colleagues to share their stories. Some say YES, some aren’t ready yet.

I started to note that most leaders say YES. All of my mentors say YES to the things that scare them but help them grow.

In October I was asked to sit on a Panel with some of our most respected leaders in the company in front of a few thousand people. It was terrifying, wonderful and of course I said YES. Now my team and I are realizing we need to step up with the live social media and of course its scary but at this point I’m gonna to have to say YES. I love where the scary, messy, Yesses lead.

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