• Jennie Potter

Whats your 4 minute mile?

On May 6 1954, during an athletic meeting between the British AAA and Oxford University, Roger Bannister ran a mile and crossed the finish line with a time of 3 minutes, 59.4 seconds, he not only broke a record but he broke through the “four minute mile” psychological barrier. Previous to this record being broken it was believed humanly impossible for a mile to be run in less than 4 minutes.

John Landy a great runner of that time period had never broken the 4 minute mile but just 56 days after Roger Bannisters breakthrough, Landy ran the four minute mile in 3 minutes and 57.9 seconds.

Within 3 years, 16 other runners had broken the barrier too.

I heard this the other day and immediately wondered “what’s MY 4 minute mile?”

The powerful combination of believing something is possible and going for it is undeniable.

One way to raise your belief in believing something is possible is to create I AM statements.

Last year for over a year I would look in the mirror and repeat the words I AM an Executive (the next promotional rank within my company) When I first stated it out loud it felt weird, it was not true and it was a bit uncomfortable. I had a long way to go and had no idea how I would achieve my goal. Everyday along with my other I AM statements I would repeat my new rank.

We worked hard, we showed our product every day, the kids pitched in and helped with the house, with meals, we stayed the course, committed to daily activity, accountability calls, networking, sharing our product and supporting team members do the same.

Before we knew it a year had flown by and we had reached our goal. Just days before convention we were promoted to Executive.

But here’s the thing. The I AMs didn’t get us there the hard work did right? But those I AMs were crucial in the obtaining of the goal.

A few days after our promotion, I had to drive somewhere and I hopped in my car. I got to the familiar stretch of highway where I would say my I AMs out loud. As I stated I AM AN EXECUTIVE I started to cry. Hard. Then laughter… It was true, I was, we were, we had done it. Something I had not thought possible for the longest time. Somewhere between I’ll never get there and I’m here my belief had changed.

The I AMs helped with belief, helped with the hard work, and helped with our focus.

What next? New I AMs, new goals, new promotions, new earnings. I AM SENIOR EXECUTIVE stills sounds pretty weird when I say it aloud in the mornings and on my drives. But not THAT weird. Actually it sounds pretty good.

Choose your “4 minute mile” and don’t hold back. I AM statements are about creating a life you want to live with the power of the word.

Pick 3 or more statements.

Say them daily, don’t stop until you reach your goal.

Looking forward to seeing you at the finish line in under 4 minutes.

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