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On the Way to the Top


I grew up in a household where my mom stayed at home and cared for us and my father worked as a pilot. Dad would be gone sometimes for weeks at a time and then home for a couple weeks and then gone again. I saw my parents have a lot of fun together and we often went on family vacations, hikes, and adventures when dad was home. Being a child I never thought about how hard it must have been for Mom when Dad was gone or how hard it must have been on my Dad to work those long flights away from us for weeks at a time. I grew up completely dissatisfied with the normal 9-5 model of work. My friends seemed to have no problem with it. They accepted “normal” jobs, were thrilled with 2 weeks paid vacation and were happy to go to work 5 days a week. I on the other hand struggled. I resisted 5 days a week, I was constantly asking for time off and squirmed at committing to anything that resembled full time. I tried to start up many businesses to avoid working for someone else but nothing ever stuck. Then about 7 years ago I applied for a part time job, great pay and great environment; when they offered me full time I went into a full sweat, almost threw up but said yes. My new job was helping others find work, and with my counselling background, my desire to help others and my history of many different jobs and careers it was a great fit.

Everyone told me I had found an amazing job, to hold on to it, it had great pay, good benefits, a great team of people to work with, vacation time. … I had it made. I loved the company and the people I worked for and with. We had lots of fun and still… I wasn’t satisfied. I was always asking for time off, summers off, less hours, I really struggled, I literally felt as if my wings had been clipped. I would tell my husband Dave, it feels as though I have wings and they are strapped to my back and I cannot spread them no matter how hard I try.

As an employment counsellor a question I heard again and again was; “are there any Legitimate jobs I can do from home?” Many people were in situations where their spouses kept getting transferred and they were constantly displaced having to find new work, or they were struggling to pay the bills but wanting to stay home with their young kids, or their partners worked in camp or shift work which made it tough to have a regular job and plan day care. Many people were retired and looking for a way to make extra income at their own pace.

At the time I didn’t know of any legitimate companies who would hire people to work from home. But in my mind I would think “I hear you!” I was yearning for the same type of freedom a stay at home job represented.

Then an opportunity arose to work part time from home as a distributor for a company; I would operate as my own business but they would pay me to share their product with people. There was a minimal investment to get started and the business model was a Network Marketing model.

I did not understand at first what Network Marketing was but I knew I loved the company I had discovered and was excited to share the product and opportunity. I started working in the evenings and on my lunch breaks, I got up at 5am so that I could “work” before I went into work. I worked hard, the harder I worked the more money came in and the more I learned about the compensation plan and Network Marketing in general. I was finally meeting people who had the same dream as me and were working towards achieving it. Dave supported me 100% and began working with me too. We had discovered a way that was a better fit for us than the traditional model. Dave had always had his own business and was working 6 days a week ,12 hours a day to make our business run. We both saw that if we were to put in some hard work and focus we could live a different dream, travel together, meet new people, experience life in a new way.

Six months into our new business, I left my job as an employment counsellor and for the last two years we have lived in a world of working from home. I have had the privilege of meeting hundreds of men and women who work successful careers doing the same. They distribute products and help people create and dream of lifestyles which are rarely possible within the 9-5 model. The people we have met who are successfully paying the bills from home working their businesses have some similarities; they work hard, are willing to step outside the comfort zone, have people skills, they are coachable, and a desire to make a change in their own lives and the lives of others, they are passionate about their product and they are committed to going the distance.

The products they distribute is a wide range; almost anything from greeting cards to essential oils, cellular health, weight loss, jewelry, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, tupperware, skin care, make-up, wine, financial services… to name a few! Many of these companies offer training, support, friendship, personal growth, leadership retreats and a chance to experience something new. Most of these companies offer an opportunity in a different kind of earning model than the one which most of us have been taught to believe is the norm. That being said, I work longer hours than I have ever worked. I now work 6 days a week without a second thought. Each morning, I jump out of bed excited to share with the world our opportunity and our product.

Network marketing is quickly becoming a mainstream profession and exponentially growing world wide because of it’s unlimited earning potential and the freedom it offers to an old and new generation of people who want more flexibility and income than what the standard working model offers. It’s true that many people become millionaires through network marketing but even more become “thousandaires” earning a few hundred to a few thousand extra per month to help with the bills and the fun. If you are like me and have never been fully satisfied with the 9-5 model of working or if you want to be home for your kids or make a change and you don’t know where to start. Find a product or company you love and go for it. There are many great books out there which will help guide you along the way if you are considering a change. I recommend Beach Money, by Jordan Adler, Go Pro, by Eric Worre, Promptings, by Kody Bateman, Yes, Sometimes it’s about the Money by Steve Schultz and The Four Year Career by Richard Brooke, for anyone wanting to discover the “secrets” behind building a successful career in network marketing these books are a great place to start and most come in audio format if you prefer listening over reading.

And my wings? I am happy to report I have finally spread them! They were surprisingly uncomfortable to spread after all this time. The discomfort of our comfort zone was deceptively hard to leave. Like a limb that has gone to sleep after hours or years of disuse each feather of my wings was painful in the stretching. We still feel twinges and tweaks as we fly higher towards our goals. The exciting part is, that we are flying together as a family and have made changes which are propelling us to new heights. As we reach new heights together we are also meeting people who are dreaming the same dream. People with courage and faith, people who are changing the world, people who are daring to dream. People like you. I always thought we weren’t normal for dreaming so big and wanting more than a 9-5 job and 2 weeks paid vacation. Now I realize there are millions of people out there dreaming the same dream and we have a tool to share with them on how to achieve it. That’s a pretty cool realization to wake up to every morning. If you are already on your way to the top congratulations, keep going, you got this, if you are still looking for a way to get there, find your company, ask lots of questions and then hit it with everything you got. Hopefully we’ll meet along the way or we’ll see you at the top!

Jennie Potter

Jennie and Dave Potter are Executives with their company and earned Senior Manager of the year awards in 2016, as well as being nominated for 2016 Distributors of the Year. They own an award winning business on Vancouver Island, in BC, Canada. Parents of two beautiful teens with hearts for adventure, this God-loving couple is passionate about changing the world with kindness and gratitude.

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