• Jennie Potter

Do you use Networking to GROW YOUR BUSINESS?

There are many ways to network to grow your business!

Also some people just inwardly groan when they hear the word especially us introverts,

but honestly its just a word. Connecting with people is one of the most POWERFUL ways to get your business out there and well... getting business!

One of the most effective ways is to schedule a minimum of

one event per week where you are meeting new people. The key word

here is SCHEDULE. It is amazing how the time flies! Are you making

sure you are adding names to your contact manager every week?

What to do with those names will be another post for another time but if you truly commit to joining new groups and activities each week your business will grow.

Online there are opportunities to grow your network

as well, join groups you are interested in! Comment on posts, be yourself ( your

professional self anyways) and have fun. It's important to comment, like and

interact with posts. Notice the posts you like and ask yourself why you like them.

Post your own Posts and pull in the qualities you like.

Whether you are meeting people online or in person, the most important step is

to ASK QUESTIONS and LISTEN! Find out what makes people happy, why they do what they do, how they met their spouse, what is their dream. .... It's endless! As you ask

you will relate, find common connection and create relationship.

so SCHEDULE, ASK & LISTEN and you'll find you've expanded your network and in turn your business!!

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