• Jennie Potter

Writing the Story of your Life!

As I go through the process of creating a life I love and jump out of bed for there are a few little tips and tricks to use along the way!!

* Cheer for yourself

At the end of each day look in the mirror and tell yourself congrats for all you accomplished!

* Laugh at the "humbling blocks"

Obstacles make a good story and are often full of humour. They are valuable teaching opportunities. What did you learn from this? Can you turn this into a story? Share with others? Be vulnerable. Take the lesson - it's likely GOLD

*Love yourself

If this seems hard sometimes them pretend you are a friend... what would you tell her/him? Write to her/him, tell them you love them, tell them what their good qualities are. What encouragement would you give?

*Remember you are creating the life you are living! If you don't like how its going, sit down and write out a different version, visualize as you head to sleep. Perhaps write a version of the best day ever each day when you rise.

Cheer! Love! Laugh! Create a life you love.

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