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April 12, 2017


I grew up in a household where my mom stayed at home and cared for us and my father worked as a pilot.  Dad would be gone sometimes for weeks at a time and then home for a couple weeks and then gone again.  I saw my parents have a lot of fun together and we often went on family vacations, hikes, and adventures when dad was home.  Being a child I never thought about how hard it must have been for Mom when Dad was gone or how hard it must have been on my Dad to work those long flights away from us for weeks at a time.  I grew up completely dissatisfied with the normal 9-5 model of work.  My friends seemed to have no problem with it. They accepted “normal” jobs, were thrilled with 2 weeks paid vacation and were happy to go to work 5 days a week.  I on the other hand struggled.  I resisted 5 days a week, I was constantly asking for time off and squirmed at committing to anything that resembled full time.  I tried to start up many businesses to avoid working for someone...

March 31, 2017

Who can I bless today?  Imagine the effect on your business and your life, if you woke up with this thought each day?  Who can you bless today?  With opportunity, with your service, with a kind word, with help.  Who can you reach out to and tell that you respect, admire, or recognize their hard work.  Who needs to hear from you?  Maybe there is someone/something you could forgive, release and let go.  When we send out blessings with pure intention it comes back exponentially.  I don't know the science behind this but it is a fact when you give to give you receive.  ... Write down on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror who can I bless today?  The world needs your gifts!  The world needs your heart, your service, your opportunity!  Give to give for the next 30 days and see what happens.  Then repeat.  It feels good to give!

March 16, 2017

There are many ways to network to grow your business!  

Also some people just inwardly groan when they hear the word especially us introverts,

but honestly its just a word.  Connecting with people is one of the most POWERFUL ways to get your business out there and well... getting business! 

One of the most effective ways is to schedule a minimum of

one event per week where you are meeting new people.  The key word 

here is SCHEDULE.  It is amazing how the time flies!  Are you making 

sure you are adding names to your contact manager every week?  

What to do with those names will be another post for another time but if you truly commit to joining new groups and activities each week your business will grow.  

Online there are opportunities to grow your network

as well, join groups you are interested in! Comment on posts, be yourself ( your

professional self anyways) and have fun.  It's important to comment, like and 

interact with posts.  Notice the posts you like and ask y...

March 16, 2017

Get organized with follow up and thank you's with a simple App!!

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