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January 1, 2018

I have always loved jigsaw puzzles.  My Mom and I would spend hours in the winter evenings putting together 1000’s of pieces, Mom always choose quite hard puzzles, large puzzles, fun puzzles, beautiful puzzles, interesting puzzles. 

Puzzling was serious business and a little silly in our house.  100 teapots, a collection of cottages, an eagle flying high, a picnic… 

If you ever saw us puzzle together you would laugh, like a well oiled machine we would begin the process, you see we had a system, we would dump out the pieces, then sort through every one of them turning them right side up and separating the straight edge pieces, the outside pieces from the others.  Then together we would work on the frame. 

I loved the sorting, not just finding the outside pieces but the separating colours, sky pieces, people pieces, reds, purples blues… finding the pieces with the line through, finding the all the cherry blossom pieces. It was therapeutic, rhythmic.  Mom would put me on speci...

December 12, 2017


When I was a little girl one of my favourite songs was a song from bible camp.  “Blind Man” I used to sing it at the top of my lungs direct to God. Holding nothing back. Faith of a child.  I have a clear memory of standing at the bow of our family sail boat, big waves, leaning into the wind knowing without a shadow of a doubt God was there… I would sing my heart out, I would tell Him what was on my mind.  I knew he was there Listening. Loving.  So Big.  Bigger than feelings.  There.  Answering.  With the wind, with the waves.

My conversations with God are quieter now.  Not so dramatic, more practical too;

Lord give me courage to be my best, to love, to inspire, to write, to speak, to be faithful, to step outside my comfort zone, to follow you…. Then a quiet listening for answers, for promptings.  

Today I found myself humming that long loved song,

Blind man sat by the road and he cried;

Show me the way,


Show me the way.

I remembered that little girl...

November 19, 2017

Staying the Course

“To pursue a goal regardless of any obstacles or criticism”

Recently Dave and I went for a weekend adventure together on our “new” boat.  We loaded up on soup and crackers, chocolate and cheese and hit the ocean, ready for some much needed time together.

We have both been going full tilt for a couple of years now.  We used to commit our weekends to each other and the kids. On the rare days we worked a Saturday it was for the tree service and we did it together, me dragging branches, him paying me in smiles from the tree.  We were working hard together, building our company, but still getting our quality time in. 

When our businesses expanded they started to leak in to Saturdays, Sundays becoming recovery days (laundry, groceries, clean up from week, estimates that needed to be done, clients that needed to be called etc) and just like that our weekends together disappeared.

Recently we heard a sermon at church about taking a rest day, taking time to allow growth...

October 6, 2017

Have you ever shared your dream with someone just to have them squash your excitement in a second?  They say "you won't get it" " that doesn't happen for most people"  "That's just a pipe dream"  OR they take you down when you share your opportunity... "they have ZERO interest in pursuing that dream with you?"  

What happens next is crucial - Did you recover? Do you recover?  Do you get back up like a puppy looking for that next treat or do you stay down, shrug your shoulders and agree with them.  Wonder "what was I thinking?"  

Did you ever notice that there are a few different categories when it comes to the subject of dreamers?  Big dreamers, small dreamers, starry eyed dreamers. You have your dream squashers, determined to point out the negative of any dream which comes within three feet of them. They might tell you they are being realistic but it feels a bit like they are just being mean?  Then you have your "action" dreamers who are running n...

June 13, 2017


The first day my husband Dave and I met was also the first day I ever rock climbed.  It was a multi pitch epic climb, it took us a good part of the day. I was terrified the entire time not trusting the rope to hold me if I fell, not trusting my shoes to stick to the rock and not knowing where we were going or how far it was to make it to the top.  It was an experience bordering on traumatic and I was hooked.

It was love at first sight that day for climbing and for Dave.   In the same way we fell that day, we fell for our Network Marketing company 2 years ago. 

One of the first things you learn as a climber is how to communicate with your climbing partner.  Your partner says ON BELAY, and you say BELAY ON.  Meaning you have checked your gear and are attached to the the rope.  You are letting each other know you are prepared and safe to climb.  Then you let them know you are climbing by saying; CLIMBING. They say CLIMB ON and you climb.  


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