Are you SHOULDING me?

Language is a powerful thing and how we use it decides our future on a daily basis! At this point unless you have made no contact with the outside world in some years you have heard of the power of positive thinking and positive word. In fact though some people believe this to be a newish trend the power of the word goes right back to biblical time and is taught in the bible. Today I’m going to mention one powerful little trick that was very impactful for me when I first learnt it. I’ve taught my family the same rule and we all call each other out on it when we slip up. This word is tricky and sneaks into everyday language and self talk! SHOULD Are you shoulding me? If you are like most pe


My friend Betty and I decided to go to Mexico together in November some years ago. She had her dive ticket and suggested I got mine before we went so we could do some diving together. It was really far outside of my comfort zone but I took my lessons in freezing BC waters in a dry suit, got certified and was excited and nervous to try out the warmer waters of Mexico. We found some other experienced divers at the resort, they had organized a more expert dive in a forest of coral with a local dive guide and Betty was pretty stoked to be invited to a less touristy dive. I was also stoked but slightly nervous as I had never dived with a group, never dived in deep waters and never dived withou

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