Are you Looping?

I remember the days when a weekly check in if not daily was the norm for me and my buddies and life had a different kind of pressure and was full of a different kind of grace. What I’ve noticed with the less constant contact is a little sneaky factor that I never noticed before. … many of us are looping. What’s looping? Well its what my husband and I say when we get stuck on something and repeat it more that once. We laugh at ourselves, acknowledge and try to shift the loop. But from a bigger perspective I’ve notice looping can happen for years. Some of the big goals I set for myself 5 years ago have been accomplished, I learned, earned and am still progressing. Some other goals though,

4 Personality types...what type are you?

I heard this saying a while back about being a crab in a bucket. It was regarding friendship and being aware of who you spend the most time with. Sometimes friendships can be like that. You are all in the bucket together. Then one day you figure out a way to leave the bucket and hit the deep blue. You are torn. You have grown and are excited to explore but what about your friends in the bucket? Well, when you reach out to some they may just pull you down back into the bucket, while others will take the “claw” and check out the view with you. I have been very blessed to have some friends who have all left the bucket with me. In fact, this weekend I am connecting with my 3 best friends

Good or Bad you ARE Consistent

Good OR Bad – you ARE consistent (5 steps towards consistency) About 10 years ago I had a good friend whom I used to meet with on a weekly basis. We would go over our goals for the week as we were both trying to get our new businesses off the ground. We created categories together and each week we would rate from a scale of 1-10 how happy we were in each category and what little thing (or big ) we could do to raise our level of happiness in each category. Every week we would meet and it would be the same. She would have achieved all of her business goals but had put almost no time into self care, slow down, spiritual connection categories, while I was doing AWESOME in the self care, bubb

The Acorn Didn't Fall Far From the Tree

The Acorn & the Mighty Oak When you were just an acorn, you fought hard for the light and water to grow. Your roots began in Africa, born and raised in Kenya you spent your formative years in boarding schools, experienced wealth and then loss when everything was taken away. In your school days the teachers beat you for wrong answers on tests, you ran miles to evade school bullies, sold candy in the school yard saving a small fortune which you then gave selflessly when it was needed. Every day, every year you fought and found light to grow. When you left school you joined the army, you became an elite paratrooper with nothing to lose, you set eyes on Mom and you knew she was the one. As the s

You Be You (I'm not Steve Schulz)

Last year I had the opportunity to train a new team member in Calgary. She had popped up in my back office a couple months earlier and was doing great things. We had never met but had spoken almost daily on the phone. My husband and I decided it would be a good move for me to head out there and do some one on one training with her. Looking back, this was one of those decisions that forever changed my business; at the time it just felt like the right thing to do. I offered to fly out to attend some appointments with her and do a presentation if she could get some friends together. I messaged a crossline distributor(Candy) in Calgary who was holding weekly meetings and told her I was comin


CLIMB ON The first day my husband Dave and I met was also the first day I ever rock climbed. It was a multi pitch epic climb, it took us a good part of the day. I was terrified the entire time not trusting the rope to hold me if I fell, not trusting my shoes to stick to the rock and not knowing where we were going or how far it was to make it to the top. It was an experience bordering on traumatic and I was hooked. It was love at first sight that day for climbing and for Dave. In the same way we fell that day, we fell for our Network Marketing company 2 years ago. One of the first things you learn as a climber is how to communicate with your climbing partner. Your partner says ON BELAY,

My Friend stopped "LIKING" me on facebook

In this life of Social Media connections and busy lifestyles I will be the first to admit people should do more personal connecting in relationship. My job for the last two years has been focussed on helping people and business owners be more connected to the relationships in their lives. So to say that I have become rather reliant on this not so new world of social media and instant messaging, likes, and comments is a rather vulnerable statement. But it is true. There it is. I am a wife, a step mom of 2, a business owner of 2 and life is full tilt at the moment. I like to to see what’s happening in others lives, see their pics, comment, like and do my best to connect in more personal w


Saying yes is sometimes all it takes to change the entire trajectory of one’s life. I was remembering a YES I said the other day that did just that. I had said YES to an opportunity (an entirely different YES and an equally profound one for a different story) and was working hard at sharing the opportunity when a colleague of mine asked me if she could interview me on a webinar to share a little of my story. I said YES. I said YES even though I thought I might puke on the spot. I said YES even though I thought no one would want to know my story. The thought of going on a webinar, something I had just learned about logging on to, let alone speaking on was terrifying, but here it was. An o

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