Our Story

Hello!  My name is Jennie Potter and my Husband Dave and I are Business owners and Network Marketing Professionals.  

We help people get healthy, grow their businesses and earn residual incomes.  We offer an opportunity for you to do the same. 

I have always loved connecting with people, and with a background in Psychology I was interested in what made some people successful entrepreneurs

while others struggled.  Dave has always been a "natural entrepreneur". Together we explored ways to grow our business on Vancouver Island and in doing so discovered  that the Expression of Gratitude and relationship with others was the key.  

We found a system and opportunity which helped us  to help us take our business  and triple it in size and income.  

This system has been integral to achieving these results and we have been running with it ever since. We are passionate about sharing  with others and have shared the dream of growth and financial freedom with an expanding team of Entrepreneurs. 

My husband and I have been sharing our system of with business owners worldwide and showing others how to do the same. You see the system we found not only helped us to exponentially increase business but it is simple enough to be duplicatable.    

We now travel globally, and working online sharing with people how to build teams, grow their businesses with tangible action steps, work from home, and step out of their comfort zones.

In 2016 we were nominated as Distributors of the year, were promoted to Executives and were Awarded Senior Managers of the year, in 2018 we were awarded Executives of the year. In 2019 we rose to Promoters of the Year and continue to build and grow our skills and team worldwide. 

About US

Helping people live their best lives!


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